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Which website to promote your business?

Being present on the web is essential to be seen and found by Internet users. One thing is sure: the most powerful way is to create an attractive design for a website like the design of MICRONERGIE.

Acting as a showcase for visitors, a showcase website is a powerful lever on which you can rely to promote your image. Although its objective is limited to the presentation of your activity, products and services, it allows you to build a universe around your brand by means of graphic choices.


You can choose between a showcase website, an e-shop and a custom website.


Give your website a thorough makeover with a new webdesign.

Graphic & web design

A graphically appealing website that takes into account all the criteria around which UI design and UX design are created is the result of successful webdesign by competent experts .


Le référencement du site , désigne l’ensemble des actions permettant d’être en osmose avec les algorithmes des moteurs de recherche, donc de se positionner en tête de la SERP.

Web marketing

Inspired by traditional marketing strategies, webmarketing allows you to create a community around your business and boost the capacity of your website to generate qualified leads.

All digital technologies

Now that digital technology is shaping people’s daily lives and influencing consumer behaviour, you might as well make new digital technologies your own and integrate them into your business. The creation of a well thought website is a powerful tool for your communication. It is then necessary to admit that technological innovation is a powerful vector of improvement in a company. Thus, among the various web technologies on which it is difficult to make a dead end are :




NET development, SharePoint

CRM Solution

Angular JS

Our experience in webdesign!

Web design, a creative know-how!

Based on creativity, web design is one of the pillars on which the success of any web project rests. Thus, you can take advantage of a webdesigner’s cutting-edge creativity to transform your ideas into graphic elements that are sure to seduce your visitors.

This webdesigner will ensure that your website offers a personalized, distinguished and unique user experience. As a result, it will be easier for you to guide your visitors in a process that will lead to a purchase.

Progress in the results of


Increase traffic to your website

Having a beautiful website is good, but a website that generates qualified traffic like Diagnostic Électrique is better. In this case, you need to improve your ranking on the SERP.

To do this, you should work on your SEO strategy by targeting the right keywords, optimizing your content for SEO, boosting the number of backlinks, reducing page loading time …

Multiple web platforms and frameworks